W.O.M.B. is a unique and yet AWESOME MINISTRY! It’s been a blessing in my life; I get to meet with my sisters for a while and Study the word of God together, share my victories and challenges with, break bread with, gain wisdom from, encourage someone. We laugh, we pray together, we hang out, we worship together and at the end, there is still enough time in the day to go shopping and take care of my weekend chores! (Women, ya’ll know that’s right)

Chaniqua Brathwaite ~ Brooklyn, NY

Women of Many Blessings Ministry has been a blessing to me in many ways. It is a venue for me to bond with other women that have the same day to day challenges of just being a woman. Even though each of us are individuals and we may handle our situations in a different way, we are still able to come together and discuss, share, agree, or even disagree, with different topics of discussion. Overall, I have become more empowered as I seek to ultimately share and display the characteristics of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in my daily life’s journey.

Karen Armstrong ~ Brooklyn, NY

I am very privileged and inspired to be a part of WOMB. A ministry that strives on excellence, I am honored to serve here in Kissimmee, Florida as Chairperson of WOMB and as a ministry for the Women at the Well Ministry and am looking forward to our next retreat. I thank God that WOMB has served as a tool to bring my daughter and I to a closer relationship! I love the attire. Everywhere I go people stop me to compliment me. I love WOMB and the color pink!

Lady Carmen Williams ~ Kissimmee, FL

WOMB has been a blessing to me because I have discovered a more meaningful and deeper relationship with Jesus than I have ever experienced.

Diane DeLorenzo ~ Hamilton, NJ

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